Do you want to provide your visitors or employees with a comfortable and safe stay? Shades are universal structures that solve the problem of protecting people from rain, wind, dust and sunlight. Entrust the production of a shade for a summer cafe or an office to professionals. Shade N Net company offers reliable designs at attractive prices, providing each customer:

  • high-level service: experts focus on the interests of the clients and take into account all their wishes;
  • high-quality products: professionals use materials produced by European manufacturers;
  • operational implementation of the project: the maximum waiting period is five days;
  • an excellent image tool: stylish design of structures will emphasize the individuality of your institution.
visitors or employees
Image by Connoman from Pixabay

The cost of a cafe, bar, restaurant or office shade depends on its type, size, and control mechanism. Shade ‘N Net specialists make an accurate calculation after the departure of the measurer and familiarization with the layout of the object. Their shades are high-strength, reliable, resistant to wind gusts, have an impressive operational resource.

Types of shades

Shades are mounted on the facade or a special frame. The ease of installation and mobility make them a convenient, fast and inexpensive way to expand the usable area. There are the following varieties of shades:

  • extendable horizontal (open or cassette type): they form a shadow construction;
  • vertical (transparent or blind) to protect from wind, rain, insects;
  • free – standing: they are optimal for large sites.
Types of shades
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If you decide to create comfortable conditions for your customers or  employees or improve the interior of your establishment with the help of a shade, contact experts in this field. You will get an advice and help to choose a suitable shade option.

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Nov 15, 2022