Today, MBA specialization is in a great demand. Many institutions offer relevant programs in a sphere of business and management. Those who are looking for a business school can consult the top 5 best business schools in the US.

Harvard University

Harvard is perhaps the most well-known US University. Harvard business school offers courses for MBA programs. Academic school courses prepare students for a number of specialties, including finance, economics, management, marketing, logistics, etc. Another characteristic feature of school is the application of the methodology of case study. Students are always offered a real business situation that they need to perform and to find solution.

Stanford University

Stanford University is in California and is one of the most famous universities in the United States.  Business school of Stanford is one of 7 schools of the University and one of the best business schools in the world. Founded in 1925, today the school offers MBA program. On the one hand, graduate school of business at Stanford University offers high quality education, and on the other — good career prospects for students.

University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania is in Philadelphia and is also included in the famed Ivy League. The University is one of the oldest schools in the United States. Teaching management and business courses are based on the Wharton business school, the world’s first business school, founded in 1881. The school includes 11 faculties and 20 research centers. Wharton business school consists of several departments: management, political science, finance, marketing and other disciplines.

Duke Fuqua School of business

The position as a global business school the institute has received only in 2008, but managed to become one of the most prestigious in the world. The business school has the status of a research center. The best teachers in the field of management, finance, economics and marketing participate in the education process. Annually approximately 1,300 students graduate from the Duke Fuqua School of business.

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

The business school holds the status of a source of manpower for a Wall Street. A characteristic feature of educational institutions is the rate for innovation. The authority of business school emphasizes the fact that six of its faculty members received the Nobel Prize. The institution is characterized by increased interest in academic research in the field of business and management.