One of the most common ways to judge business school and to assess its contribution to student is the attention to such objective criteria as the salary of a graduate and his future career positions. The analysis of the breadth and quality of contacts made during training is no less important criterion, accompanied by the assessment of the benefits of MBA.

These are some graduates of business schools — the world’s outstanding figures, which could successfully combine the performance benefits (high salaries, high job position, the presence of the latitude quality of contacts), progressing after receiving the MBA. One of the most famous graduates of Stanford Business Institution was Phil Nite, chairman and one of the founders of the Nike Company, the owner of the Laika Studio, and the richest man in USA (top 20). MBA at Stanford in 1962 led to his success. And in August 2006, he donated $105 million to the business school that went into the creation of a new campus, called “the Knight Management Center”. Among the brightest graduates are also Lorenzo Zambrano (CEO of the largest construction company Cemex), John Bown (Chairman and CEO of British Petroleum (until 2007), since 2001 member of the House of Lords), John Danoe (President of eBay), governors, Ministers and other major leaders. Of course, the business school provides its students with a broad and multidimensional volume of possibilities.

Harvard Business School is also among the leading and famous business schools, which graduates achieved superb results in career. Among those, who received there an MBA degree were Donald Carty (CEO American Airlines), Zoe Cruz (founder and President of Morgan Stanley), Jeffrey Immelt (CEO General Electric), and Rick Wagoner (General Director of General Motors).

Of course, that the success of these people is not entirely due to the business school, but the degree definitely was a step on the path to even greater growth. Thus, it can be concluded that a business school can be appreciated by its graduates and their success. Outstanding individuals, who combine what everyone wants to see, decided to get an MBA, namely: rapid career growth accompanied by the increase of wages, useful contacts and relationships, often provide guidelines for applicants.