LEED refers to Leadership in energy and environmental design and is an internationally recognized green building program. It is established by US Green Building Council to adhere with the standards of green building. The buildings constructed by man consume expensive resources like water, sand and energy. There is a growing trend in the world to reduce consumption of resources and impact on environment. Wide range of benefits is available for those companies that are LEED certified.

Logical Green Institute offers Green Building education services to the professionals to encourage the development of LEED certified buildings. Rob Hink and Jefferey J Collins are the founder of the institute having loads of experience in imparting green building education. The institute is backed up with professional team members and has combined experience of several years in LEED projects. Rob is the principal of Spinnaker Group that is a renowned LEED consulting firm handling over 200 LEED projects worldwide. He has conducted numerous LEED workshops consisting of more than 3000 members and is a member of USGBC LEED faculty. Jefferey is the principal of Collins Development Company that manages several green and non green building projects in the South East US. They initiated the partnership by establishing a national education program that now provides Green building education services to the professionals. They strongly believe that education is a vital ingredient in the development of LEED projects. The LEED consulting offered by the institute is cost effective and multiple applications are used to educate the people about the benefits of Green building. The Institute has programmed Green Educational Videos for the clients and projects that lay the foundation of the green building project. Majority of the corporate users desire to have their work place in green building due to its immense benefits. These videos are used in Green Building education services as a main qualification for submission of LEED credits. The institute has successfully designed these videos for the clients and is now offering them to the general development community.

The LEED consulting services offered by the Logical Green Institute is not only helpful in reducing the consumption of energy but also in improving the life of people. It is beneficial to the overall planet and provides better way in saving energy and money. The use of green building technology helps in sustaining the environment and conserving the energy for future generation. The geothermal system of green building contributes greatly in saving the non renewable sources of energy like heat and electricity. The green building education services is a creative way to develop projects that are economically viable. The videos produced by Logical Green Institute are based on real world experiences that assist the clients in achieving LEED building credit.