Getting business education in the United States is a significant step on the way to the fullest realization of the career aspirations. MBA programs are offered by over 500 educational institutions in the country.

Previous academic achievements are one of the most substantial factors influencing the admission to an American business school.  The entrants to MBA programs are demanded to provide a formal statement of the evaluation sheet from each institution after high school, with a detailed description of all the subjects and grades, as well as information on correspondence courses or professional diplomas. Everyone must pass the GMAT, which seriously affects an admission in chosen MBA program. Test results are provided to the admission Committee simultaneously with the package of admission documents.

Work experience (2-3 years) of the candidate is a subject of availability of admission to the best business schools. This is not a mandatory requirement, but most business schools prefer applicants with work experience.  The resume should include full information about the professional experience, as well as indicating the positions, achievements and activities.

Recommendation letter also has a significant impact on the admission to MBA programs. It is drawn up and signed by the one who knows the candidate as a professional or a teacher in a subject that relates to his chosen course. The author of the recommendation letter should give his assessment of the future student that will help the admissions Committee better know the candidate.

The essay is an important part of the evaluation process of an introductory package of documents. Essay must include the reasons why candidate has chosen this course, corresponding to the previous training and experience of the selected program and his personal aspirations and career goals. Several business schools offer the native format of the essay, suggesting answers to some questions.

And the last step is an interview. It helps to better know the candidates. Interview can be conducted by representative of the school or it is possible that the interview will be conducted over the phone. Such interviews are normally held informal when interviewer can assess his skills and interests.