The USA is a center of world business and economics. The academic training to work in the sphere of management and business is carried out on the basis of numerous business schools. After receiving a bachelor degree students can continue their education, completing an MBA program (Master of Business Administration), which increases opportunities to build a successful career. Nearly all educational organizations in the United States are practicing an MBA program, where a variety of training alternatives are proposed.

Full time MBA Program

This form of learning involves complete involvement in the educational process. It is comparable to daytime. It is perfect for those who have a lot of free time and vast financial reserves. Within the full-time MBA program, the course participants not only attend classes, but have the units of independent study that, in fact, similar to an education at the university. The training period is at least one and a half or two years.

Part-time MBA Program

When choosing such form of learning, student can combine work and study because classes are provided 2-3 times a week. It can be very helpful for those who do not wish to refuse a work. Anyway, there are some drawbacks: the training program is not full and can’t cover all themes of complete study. The program lasts 3 years.

Executive MBA

EMBA signifies only a partial and rather depth-less study of specializations and the passage of a small quantity of training. This program is composed for professionals in the sphere of business and management with several years’ experience, wishing to confirm their relevant diploma. Learning EMBA takes one or two years, classes are held at evening time or at weekends.

A distant study of MBA program is also possible, where all study materials and assignments, course participants receive by mail and through Internet resources. The training period is no more than two years. However, training is not absolutely remote, as it requires the presence of the student in the organization that implements the MBA program during the scientific-practical seminars, conferences and final certification activities.