The United States is considered to be one of the best countries in the world in getting business education. The fact is that the American community, in general, is focused on getting a result, so education in the United States is aimed primarily at developing practical skills, required for successful work. At the same time, the flexibility and diversity of educational systems let find own version of preparation for any career.

It should be mentioned about the degree of Master of Business Administration (MBA), which is originated in the United States. The training program is designed to prepare managers with the general knowledge and practical skills of business management. Students can choose a general MBA or an MBA with a specialization, for example, in the field of international business, finance, human resources, marketing, etc. Usually the training program lasts 2 years, but a student may also choose an accelerated, modular and evening programs or programs for managers.

Attending lectures in business schools of the USA on the basis of MBA program is mandatory, while making notes are no. Plagiarism and rewriting in homework of students are not acceptable. Topics for MBA students are designed in such a way that it is necessary to use only fresh and relevant information, so it’s easier to write everything yourself than to look for sources for plagiarism. Cheating or communicating with each other on the lectures is a fail for both sides, being late for a lecture brings a lower score.

Any MBA program aims at training punctuality and team work, preparing in the way, when students work on real business projects. Another feature of MBA education in universities is a hard deadline — or the work will be completed in a strictly limited period, or it won’t read at all. Lectures and seminars are interactive. Teachers transmit information, not through long monologues before a silent audience, but through mutual dialogue. The teacher only directs the overall process, but does not set the tone.

One of the most interesting features of the learning process in the MBA program is the opportunity to influence the learning process and even make suggestions for adjusting the curriculum.