NSX-T was designed as a software-defined virtual network for VMware environments and friendly ecosystems. Virtual networks are declared by the vendor as a whole self-sufficient direction of virtualization — a large-scale and extremely useful from the point of view of its functionality.

With Vmware NSX-T training, you can create a virtual cloud network with a full stack of network virtualization technologies and a secure system. Connect and protect applications across data centers, monoblock environments, and containers. NSX Data Center replicates the full network model programmatically, allowing you to create and provision any network topologies in seconds for faster and easier delivery of important applications.

Benefits you get while working with the software product:

  • Adaptability through automation. Automate provisioning of network services at one click of a button by implementing the entire Layers from 2 to 7 stack in the software. Gain flexibility and scalability.
  • Get consistent processes across a multicloud environment. Ensure consistent network and security policies across private and public clouds with a single management console no matter where applications are running on a VM, container, or hardware component.
  • Built-in security. Provide flexible protection with network segmentation and micro-segmentation down to the level of individual workloads. Create context-sensitive security policies and use intrusion detection and prevention systems to protect against the spread of threats in horizontal traffic.
  • Reduce CAPEX and OPEX Save up to 35% by consolidating network and security on a single platform. Reduce operational costs by simplifying processes and streamlining traffic flows.

Training to work with this program takes place both face-to-face and online. When ordering Vmware NSX-T corporate training the company receives significant benefits, of which the discount is only one of the bonuses.