Businessmen face stressful situations several times a day. Is it bad and how to learn to cope with stress?

The mass media insist: stress is harmful to health and it must be combated. In reasonable quantities, it is needed and even useful. However, it cannot be denied that living in constant tension also has side effects. It is important to use such devices as Antrolife to control the effect of stress on the body.

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If you learn to track negative thinking habits, then there is a chance to turn stress into your ally. What are these habits?

Record the good

Our brain is so designed that we will remember negative events longer and in detail. The practice of mindfulness will help to develop a new skill of positive thinking. Just at the end of the day, write down three positive events that happened to you during the day and you will become 10% happier.

The Perfectionist’s Trap

An entrepreneur tries to do everything for 5, and if it didn’t work out for 5, then it’s automatically bad. Such thinking greatly limits the possibilities of an entrepreneur and contributes to the increase of internal tension.

You need to stop rushing to extremes, assessing a particular situation, and try to gradually lower the bar of your perfectionism.

No disasters

In a state of catastrophizing, it is very difficult to create anything and act productively.

Therefore, it is important to learn how to impartially determine the probability of an event. And can this really happen to me? If so, it is better to take timely measures instead of worries. And if not, then why wind yourself up?

Everything is under control

The question of your own control over the situation is very important. It is important to understand that mistakes or failures are completely normal, and try to find a middle ground between hyper-responsibility and the victim’s position when nothing depends on you. And then – just act.

Errors of justice

Instead of a possible feeling of resentment at an unfair world, it is worth taking and doing the same or even better than a conditional competitor did. Do not get offended, do not engage in self-flagellation, but use a sense of injustice as a point of growth for your own business.

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